White Wall Filming Session

March 16th & 17th 2018

Are you looking for a professional but affordable promotional video for your business?

Video is a great way to connect with new customers and build trust in your brand. Our white wall sessions are designed to bring these benefits to you, without burning a hole in your pocket.

We will be hosting a white wall filming day, offering tailored 45 minute filming sessions against a professional seamless backdrop. This will allow you time to record your best take in a relaxed and supportive environment, with flattering lighting and quality audio that will make you look and sound at your best.

We’ve seen the amazing results video has made with our clients over the years, and we look forward to bringing these benefits to you! Spaces are very limited, so be quick and save your spot on our next filming session.

£295 inc VAT

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What to Expect

Initial Briefing

We want you to get the best out of your session, so we will sit down with you before filming starts to establish your goals and to discuss the right approach. We know being in front of a camera can be intimidating, so we will work through any nerves to help you capture your best self. If you not sure what to say on camera, we can also help you hone your message to make sure you come across relaxed and confident.


You will have ample time to practice your take so that you will never feel rushed. We recommend aiming to record a 30 - 90 second piece to camera, which is the optimal video length for maintaining viewer retention when used online. You will have the option of a choice of backdrops: white, coloured or greenscreen - which can be used for adding dynamic background graphics.

Promotional Video

Based on your initial brief, we will provide you with your finished promotional video within 2 weeks of filming. The video can include intro and outro graphics/logos (if provided), simple background graphics and accompanying music. Be sure to let us know if you need any assistance with getting your new shiny video out there into the world!

What Our Clients say

"They really understood and captured the essence of my business. I absolutely love the video they produced, and would highly recommend this creative team"
freespirit fitness
Victoria Jones
Owner - Freespirit Fitness
"Whilst being incredibly professional they made the filming really fun and put everyone involved totally at ease. "
Nina Truman
Owner - Therapixie
"Exceptional work that resulted in a huge return on investment. Professional and incredible editing that quickly created engagement online."
Adam Stevens, Intelligent Eating
Adam Stevens
Founder - Intelligent Eating


What results can I expect?

You will have a 45 minute time slot to discuss your goals and objectives, and then film a 30-90 second piece to camera, so you won’t feel rushed or stressed. We will choose the best take(s) and will produce a tailored promotional video for you based on your requirements. You have the option of having title slates at the start and end to showcase your logo or a call-to-action, and a choice of backdrops to suit. You will be filmed with professional camera equipment, flattering soft lighting and high-quality audio, so you can be assured that the end result will look fantastic.

I'm not confident on camera. Will you help me with delivery?

Yes! The best results come from having good direction, and luckily we have years of experience getting the best performance out of even the most camera shy people.

Do I have to memorise a script?

Not necessarily. While having a script ready to go in your head can often sound more fluid and look more natural, we do also provide an autocue so that you can read your lines straight to camera. Having short bullet points to keep you on track is also a good idea, as it encourages a more natural  style of speaking.

What should I wear?

Avoid wearing any conspicuous logos or designs (unless it is your own!) and wear a colour that will stand out from the background. So if you want a clean white background, wear dark colours. It’s always a good idea to bring a few clothing options just in-case!

What if I'm not happy with my performance?

We always like to ensure our clients are happy with the end results, so if you’re not 100% satisfied just let us know and we’ll do what we can to fix it. During the session you will be able to review the footage on-screen, so any alterations and re-takes can be done as we go.

What can I use the footage for?

This is entirely dependent on your line of work, but usually these kind of videos work great for website landing pages, Facebook promotions, downloadable content, mailing lists and much more. Ultimately these videos should be used as a way to make yourself the face of your brand, and build trust with your potential customers.

Where is the filming taking place?

The Angel Hotel,

143 Regent St,

Leamington Spa,

CV32 4NZ

Don't miss out!