Media Pack

30 Sec Video | 360 Tour | Photography

Do you have a public facing business?

 44% of your customers look you up online before visiting you in person.

The internet can be a 24-hour powerhouse for your business. In today’s digitally advanced world, there’s simply no better -or easier- way to get noticed.

The best part is, that building a strong online presence doesn’t require you to be tech-savvy or burn a hole in your pocket. Our simple and affordable media package has been designed to help you get high-quality media; including photographs, a 360 tour, and 30 second showcase video.

As a Google Trusted photographer, I ensure our packages provide everything that Google searches for, in the media section of your business listing.

The result? A high SEO score and a digital statement that really packs-a-punch.

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£500 + VAT


Media packs are perfect for Bars, Restaurants, Gyms, Hotels, Spas, Farm Parks and anywhere else that wants to turn online browsers into on site visitors


Getting to Know You

We want to understand your business; the ins and outs of your brand, and how you’d like it to be captured on camera. So, before taking a single shot, we’ll discuss each aspect with you. You’ll always make the final call on what needs to be highlighted, or tweaked.

Filming Your Brand

We will take 15 professional snaps; these will include both commercial, and 360 street view photographs. They’ll also capture video footage, to be used in a 30 second showcase video, like the one you see above. As always, we’ll allow you to decide which content to use. We can also incorporate titles and your company media onto the visuals, and advise you on how to keep it in-line with Google’s criteria.

Your Content Delivery

We will professionally edit and upload all the filmed and photographed content, and link it to your Google business listing. You’ll receive all the video, images, and virtual tour shots to reuse on your digital media platforms, in any way you like.

What Our Clients say

"To say we are blown away by the final edits would be an understatement. Thank you so much guys you have captured the essence of our business perfectly"
Claire Pettitt
Team Manager - Scorpio Motorsports
"Whilst being incredibly professional they made the filming really fun and put everyone involved totally at ease. "
Nina Truman
Owner - Therapixie
"Exceptional work that resulted in a huge return on investment. Professional and incredible editing that quickly created engagement online."
Adam Stevens, Intelligent Eating
Adam Stevens
Founder - Intelligent Eating


How long will it take?

Depending on the size of your location and requirements it will take around 1 to two hours of time on site. The content is then available within a couple of days. We have no control over Google and it can take a few days for 360 tours to fully appear on their platform.

Can I have a voice over/interview on my video?

In order to keep it affordable, this is not a service we offer in our basic package. We can provide this for you at an additional fee (similar to our white wall service);

Why is the video length restricted to 30 seconds?

This is imposed by Google and their business listings. If you’d like a 60 second version to use on Facebook and Instagram then simply let us know, and we’ll include it in your pack.

Do I own the copyright to the photos and footage?

Due to the logistics of Google photos and map listings, we hold the copyright to all the video and photographic footage shoot. However, we can grant an open license for the footage to be reused and redistributed by you, as you wish.

Can I combine my pack with a white wall video?

Absolutely. In fact, we offer a 10% discount if you book both at the same time.

Can I skip the photos and have a longer video, instead?

We recommend video, a 360 tour, and photographs, to get the best results for your Google My Business Listing. Although you can give us a call and we’d be happy to discuss your requirements.

What kind of footage can I include?

To be accepted by Google your videos and photos must be relevant to your business, and you must have permission from the copyright holder to use it. If you send us your ideas in advance we will try our best to make them happen, whilst keeping to Google’s publishing policy.

What if Google/ Facebook/ Instagram remove my content?

We have no influence over third party companies and cannot speak for their terms and conditions, should they change them. We can; however, guarantee that we’ll keep your content in-line with their guidelines, at the time of publishing.

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