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Brad burton stands before an audience

How can you get the most out of video at a live event?

The Event At the end of January 2018 we were filming at Now What Live 18. This is an event run by Brad Burton that features a roster of…

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John setting up a 360 camera

Are you being let down by your Google Listing?

Having a Google My Business listing isn’t just a box you need to tick. It’s something you need to nurture so that in turn it will bring…

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A flaming oil tray filled with heptane

What does it take to kill a camera?

Just how much abuse can one humble little action camera survive?

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How does Google Street View improve SEO?

How is Google Street View linked to SEO?

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360 camera

What should I check when hiring a video company

So you are hiring a video company? Here’s what you need to know.

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How can video improve SEO and attract more traffic.

How can you use video to improve your SEO?

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vid editor

Video and audio editing on a budget

How to cut your footage into the content you need.

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Three steps to professional looking video on a budget

When it comes to generating your own video content, it’s easier and cheaper than you might think to get a polished and professional look.

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Getting started with Time Lapse Photography

Get more from your videos with this short tutorial in time lapse photography. The technique of time lapse is where a subject is filmed at a much…

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